• Vision & Mission

    • Producing Homoeopaths who consider the patients holistically, by providing Homoeopathic Medical Education, aiming at maintaining a balance between humanistic medicine and technology.
    • To promote a holistic approach towards curative, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of Homoeopathic Medicine by ensuring quality, comprehensive, continuous and personalized care to patients & community at large thereby contributing to nation building through Homoeopathy
    • To imbibe upon the staff and students the spirit of research in Homoeopathy.
    • Education in the institute not only aims at producing trained professional Homoeopaths but also inculcating in them a sense of higher purpose


    • To start courses in postgraduate degrees and diplomas.

    • To develop a mutual exchange program for teaching faculty in collaboration with institutes of other countries.

    • To establish a separate research development cell for motivating and training of the teaching faculty, To design and plan research projects for submission to national and international agencies.

    • To start with PhD courses in HOMOEOPATHY.